Asta Ramonaite

Country of origin: Lithuania

Portfolio Executive, IAGCargo

I graduated from Lancaster University with a BA (Hons) in Management and Organisation in July 2007 and began my career at an international consultancy, DEGW. I worked within the strategic briefing team, supporting the delivery of innovative workplace solutions for leading global clients in banking and media services. I then moved on to Capgemini where I worked as a senior consultant, and I'm now at IAGCargo which is one of the world's largest airline groups.

Having completed my degree course, I found I had gained invaluable knowledge about societal laws that underlie fundamental changes not only in our workplace environments, but also in the way we perceive events in the contemporary world. A degree in Management and Organisation from Lancaster rewards students with an understanding of the evolution of management as a discipline, as well as the opportunity to question current organisational practices and discern future managerial trends.

I would not be where I am today without Lancaster's amazing crew of highly qualified and caring teachers who were always eager to help. They were the backbone of the course and the reason for students’ curiosity, motivation and interest in the subject. The range of modules they taught provided me with a rich understanding of the complex relationship between the present day organisational processes and the individual. It also trained me to adopt an analytical approach and to question the existing assumptions that our society holds.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who seeks to be challenged and wishes to learn much more than just managerial tricks. This course is for someone who is ready to be exposed to the true reality of today’s society.