Aulia Damarreza

Country of origin: Indonesia

Business Intelligence Analyst, GO-JEK

I chose Lancaster University Management School because from all the programmes that I looked at, MSc Information, Technology, Management and Organisational Change was the only option that for me combines three important aspects in today's business environment: IT, Management, and Organisational Change. Since I have a background in Information Systems, this unique combination caught my interest and convinced me that I should choose MSc ITMOC to further broaden my knowledge. Moreover, they offered me a scholarship which was very helpful to me.

What I love most about the MSc ITMOC programme is how they are able to create such an exciting programme that not only helped me academically and theoretically but also for practical use in everyday life. The course involved studying in classes, writing essays, taking exams, attending seminars and workshops, and going on a study tour which helped us find out how to properly utilise the knowledge we gained. All of those activities, plus social events, such as the end of term dinner, helped me to bond with my classmates.

For my dissertation, I did a research internship, along with three other MSc ITMOC classmates, using SAP. For me, it was one of the best experiences during my time at Lancaster. They were very helpful, easy to work with, and such nice people. We got the chance to visit their office, experienced a real F1 simulator, and also talked with some brilliant people who work there. In the end, I felt so lucky to have the chance to do my dissertation with them.

To summarise, I can say that my time at Lancaster was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I had so much fun, met brilliant people, learned from and among them, did many exciting activities, and gained tons of great memories there.

As for right now, I am currently working at one of Indonesia's most desired and fast-growing start-up companies called GO-JEK as a Business Intelligence Analyst.