Avril Norman

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Financial Reporting Manager, RAC

The degree structure of the BSc Accounting, Auditing & Finance was exactly what I wanted: a sandwich degree scheme including a 12-month placement with a reputable accounting firm and in conjunction with a great University. The reputation of Lancaster University and of the Management School influenced my decision to study here, and I also liked the fact that Lancaster is a campus university. The facilities at Lancaster are of a high standard, and support is available whenever needed.

What I liked most about the programme was that it was a new type of degree scheme, very different to any other which I had seen at other universities. Combining work placements and studying pushes you to achieve. It also gives you a taste of the ‘real world’ and the work experience puts you ahead of your peers on normal degree schemes.

As a mandatory part of the degree scheme I did three placements with Ernst & Young. In my second year I did a three-month placement with the Financial Services (Insurance Audit) department in London, and returned to this office in the third and fourth years of the degree for two more placements (of twelve months, then three months).

From 2008–2010 I was a course representative, which meant discussing and identifying issues within the year group for regular conference calls with graduate recruitment representatives from Ernst & Young. I also prepared feedback from the Graduate Team at E&Y to the year group.

In my spare time I was a committed member of the University’s Dance Society. I helped choreograph routines for shows, taught classes, and generally worked as part of a team. During 2008 I was the Dance Society’s Publicity Officer, promoting the society around campus and promoting events which the society was involved in, such as a charity ball.

After graduating I returned to Ernst & Young, and after completing my chartered accountancy qualifications I moved to a new post with the RAC in January 2013.