Ayesha Gupta

Country of origin: India

Gupta & Company, Vice President Strategy & Business Development

I chose to study at LUMS because it is a triple-accredited, world-ranked Management School, consistently among the UK's top ten. LUMS is a diverse school with a faculty rated second to none in the UK.

BBA Management allowed me to realise my potential by attaining both theoretical and practical experience. My placement year at Cadbury in Reading enabled me to put what I had learnt into practice, and helped me to fully understand the implications of what I had learnt in class. During my final year, I was able to draw on my work experience and prior theoretical knowledge to improve my grades.

The Airline Simulation course I studied in my final year was one of the highlights of my degree. It stood out because of the practical knowledge it provided; the experience was overwhelming. It was very competitive and hard at times as one could not discuss or take advice from friends who were our competitors. We had the opportunity to run our own airline business, which lead me to discover how easily things can go wrong. This helped me to critically evaluate matters I might have overlooked in practice.

I was also involved with some of the University's societies, including: the Asian Society, the Economics Society, for which I was the General Secretary, and the Young Entrepreneurs Society, for which I was the Treasurer.

My time at Lancaster University helped build my strengths, enhance my time management skills and boost my confidence, especially through the tough presentations and Q&As I experienced throughout my degree. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to study at such a prestigious institution; it's left me with great memories!

Following my degree, I accepted a graduate offer to work for Barclays in London. In 2011, I then went on to work in Corporate Broking at Barclays Capital. I now live in New Delhi and work for my family business, Gupta & Company, which manufactures flavours and fragrances.