Bashar Erekat

Country of origin: Jordan

Co-founder of

After finishing the MSc in E-Business and Innovation, I realise now that the real strength of the course does not only depend on that mix between technology and management, it depends more on the method and the style that these two topics were taught within an outstanding environment.

My first degree was in computer science, I worked as a programmer for around three years, and then I turned my career and interest to business development/marketing for the Internet and wireless devices. When I decided to carry on my postgraduate studies this programme stood out as the right choice after extensive research covering many other UK universities.

Before deciding to carry on my studies, I was worried that I would be pushed away from what’s happening in the business world and the latest market trends – but I was wrong, as the EBIN programme was an extension to the business environment in every aspect. Furthermore, the partnership with the biggest names in the business, such as IBM and SAP, ensured an excellent exposure to the market through the workshops and sessions carried out by managers and employees from these companies.

On a personal level, this year was an eye-opening experience to me; I got the chance to meet the most exciting group of friends who are the reason for making this year of study full of fun, too! I learned about myself as much as I learned about others, and the process of expanding my horizon was just overwhelming.

I was really impressed by the high rating of the Management School, but I was impressed more to experience the reasons behind such a high rating: the outstanding academic staff, a very organised and supportive administrative staff office and very modern facilities.

My dissertation focused on spreading and “diffusing Innovation teaching in developing countries”. The topic was inspired by the way the modules were taught in the programme. This has given me a chance to understand the theory behind such a process so I can hopefully apply it back in my country.