Bo Zhu

Country of origin: China

Consultant, C_Space

Before coming to Lancaster University Management School to study the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management (AMM) program, I graduated with a first class BA Business Studies degree from Birmingham City University.

I have always been an active student, interested in work with different people. During my BA studies I worked as a student ambassador at general open days, Mandarin Translator at EuroLED Exhibition, and telephonist for the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

In the summer between my BA and MSc I worked as brand strategist intern in Interbrand Shanghai, and that experience enhanced my desire to return to England and study at Lancaster.

I was expecting to receive more in-depth knowledge not only in branding and marketing management in general. Reflecting on the decision-making process for choosing where to study my Masters degree, I am glad I chose Lancaster and the year is possibly the best of my time in England so far.

Whilst I was studying for AMM, I learnt 'marketing knowledge' from both theoretical and practical perspectives. We had many opportunities to work on case studies, in-class discussions, presentations and we worked on group projects with people of different nationalities to achieve certain objectives before deadlines.

I was also one of the student representatives of AMM where we collaborated with the faculty admissions officers, professors about the student experience. Furthermore, there are other key things I learnt from the AMM experience which benefit my daily life now – for example, critical thinking, logic, argumentation, and keeping a reflection diary.

Project experience

AMM offered great flexibility in selecting dissertation topics. I had the opportunity to conduct a dissertation project on market research for Microsoft. The main objective was to identify potential customers in the Greater China market. My dissertation was supervised by Professor Luis Araujo, and I received tremendous supervision and help from him. The links with industry and the Microsoft company project were another reason for making my Lancaster year more interesting and meaningful.

I am now working for a US market research company in its UK office. I am finding that most topics we covered in class are extremely relevant to the real business world and become highly valuable whilst working. Especially the detailed knowledge about qualitative and quantitative research methods I gained on the Researching Markets and Marketing module.

To conclude, from my academic experience, I think that the multinational programme helped me gain a better understanding of global business environment, improved my language, analytical and interpersonal skills and made a real difference to my employment profile.

Although the study was demanding, it was definitely worth it and I highly recommend it to others. Most importantly, I met many great individuals and made some life-long friends whilst studying at Lancaster. I am proud to be one of the AMMers and a Lancastrian.