Carlos Mendoza

Country of origin: Honduras

Project Lead, VESTA Group LLP

Attending Lancaster University has been one of the best decisions of my academic life. LUMS gave me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge due to the excellent combination of research-led teaching and practitioner components. Referring specifically to ITMOC, it has a very demanding structure which addresses organisational and technological issues in an interdisciplinary manner. This approach is an apt way of dealing with the 'messy' problems that may be encountered due to the ubiquitousness of IT in today’s world. The curriculum is built to help the participants understand different perspectives and shape rich insights, which is one the programme’s greatest strengths.

Before attending LUMS I had around five years of work experience related to human resource management, mostly linked to the implementation of information systems in the financial and supply chain industries. The combination of HRM and IT was the main driver for my interest in a course that gave me the opportunity to study those disciplines simultaneously; when looking for options, one of the most attractive was (and still is) ITMOC.

Even though ITMOC provides all that I have mentioned so far, studying at Lancaster gives so much more. From the programme perspective there were many high points, for instance the vast number of opportunities to interact and learn from external speakers (HP and Santander UK to mention a few). Additionally ITMOC provided me with the opportunity to do the dissertation in combination with a research company project with Accenture UK/I, an experience I highly recommend.

In short, Lancaster University, LUMS and ITMOC gives you more than what one might expect. It is a journey that will definitely help me for many years to come. I now work for a logistics organisation that has a strong IT-based solution focus; I am part of a team that is leading initiatives related to business transformation, organisational structures and IS optimisation. The knowledge received integrally from the programme is very helpful. Nonetheless I am mainly informed (at the moment) by strategy and IT management, the management of organisational change and HRM.