Carolin Röther

Country of origin: Germany

CRM & Loyalty Section Manager, Nissan (Germany)

I started my studies in Konstanz (Germany) with a degree in Politics and Administration. During my degree I got the chance to go abroad, to Stockholm in Sweden, which I really enjoyed. This very positive experience of studying abroad was one of the reasons why I chose to go abroad – to the UK – for my Masters degree as well.

I chose to study at Lancaster University Management School on the Management MSc because I'd not been able to study management on my undergraduate degree – even though I was very interested in the subject. I wanted a pure management degree to equip me with the skills and knowledge needed for a future career in management. In this field Lancaster has a really good reputation and is always near the top in management/business school rankings.

At Lancaster I had a great experience. I never expected the course to be so international. I was expecting international students yes, but I thought that the majority of students in England would be English. But I encountered a totally different situation, which I really did enjoy and learn a lot from. Our course consisted of so many different nationalities and cultures that it was sometimes a challenge to bring them all together, but it was a challenge that was very worthwhile and one that helped me in my personal development. 

The course we studied gave a really broad overview of all the topics relevant to management today. Of these, the ones I enjoyed most were Accounting, Marketing and Finance – where our teacher was amazing at explaining to us the world of finance in a very interesting way. These modules gave a very up-to-date picture of the situation in these fields and encouraged us to be critical in our thinking – not just taking a situation or a number for granted, but asking where it comes from. This is very important in a business world where you will always face some ambiguity but need to be able to make a decision. I also used this skill in my dissertation, in which I wrote about incentives and India, a very interesting but rarely researched topic. 

I really experienced a great community at Lancaster and can say that I now have friends from all over the world. This is also where the course helps by organising social events like a Christmas Ball and a Summer Ball, which were great opportunities to get in touch with people you have not talked to so much before.

I was fortunate to be able to secure a graduate job with the global car company Nissan before I'd finished my Masters programme at Lancaster. I started working with them in Germany as one of only three international management trainees. After two years, I then worked for them in Vienna as an expat. My position was Marketing Coordinator and I was responsible for areas such as products, events, market intelligence and the creation of tracking tools, etc. After this experience abroad I got offered a job in September 2013 back in Germany as Section Manager, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Loyalty. I am responsible for my first team, so leading people.