Chaitanya Niphadkar

Country of origin: India

Teaching and Research, Open University of Mauritius

After his MA in Human Resources and Consulting, Chaitanya continued researching by completing a PhD in Organisational Leadership.

I chose to study at LUMS as the MA Human Resources and Consulting was relevant to my earlier MBA that I undertook in India which specialised in Human Resource Management. LUMS is also a triple-accredited business school and these accreditations make a great difference in terms of employability.

The programme was a blend of theory and interactive sessions which I enjoyed equally. My favourite part was the consulting experience at Brathay Trust at Ambleside, Cumbria.

During my work with Brathay, I found the learning derived from the consulting project added to my knowledge and provided practical experience which involved group work as well as individual activities and a presentation at the end.

Throughout my time at Lancaster I was a member of the Students Union which allowed me to support my peers and make university life brighter.

An overseas education gives you an opportunity to interact with various nationalities and provides an experience which books or local universities cannot give. It adds tremendous value to your qualification and can open up a plethora of possibilities. The experience of living in a foreign land makes you more independent not just as a professional but as an individual on the personal front.

In January 2010, immediately after graduating from Lancaster, I joined the Doctoral Fellowship Program offered by the National School of Leadership in India. My PhD mainly focuses on human resources in leadership development and was supervised by Professor John Burgoyne of the Department of Management Learning and Leadership (now called the Department of Leadership and Management) at Lancaster. My research was conducted in accordance with the international standards that apply in the UK, and was titled “Leadership through learning and techniques to improve organisational performance – an empirical approach. I completed the PhD successfully in 2014.

Whilst I was at Lancaster, the LUMS Careers team guided me on writing a CV, winning an interview and making job applications. After returning home and becoming an alumni of the University, one realises that it was not just a course but much more than that. I attended an alumni event in my hometown, Mumbai  – and the experience was amazing. Finally, I can say that LUMS is not just an educational institution but a huge family spread across different parts of the world.