Charalampos Saridakis

Country of origin: Greece

Lecturer in Marketing, Leeds University Business School

After completing my undergraduate studies at the Athens University of Economics and Business with a BSc in Marketing and Communication, I was looking for a high-standard postgraduate programme that would enrich and build on my existing knowledge. Continuing my studies abroad was a great opportunity for me, as I really wanted to broaden my horizons and get in touch with different 'schools of thought' and people of various backgrounds.

Although I applied to many universities in the UK, Lancaster University was my first choice as it is one of the leading and most reputed higher education institutions in England and has one of the UK’s top–ranked management schools.

More specifically, the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management provided me with a good grounding in Marketing Management as it is one of the few programmes which successfully manage to cover the gap between theory and practice. I was also really impressed by the quality of teaching and the overall programme content.

The great variety of case studies we analysed throughout the year enabled me to think critically and improved my ability to effectively resolve managerial problems. Furthermore, I saw at first hand the advantages of synergy through the assignment of team projects. I learned how to build on my strengths and overcome my weaknesses, how to think out of the box, but more importantly I learned how to collaborate with people of different cultures and way of thinking.

On a more personal basis, although it was a really demanding programme that required a lot of studying, I had the opportunity to experience wonderful moments and the chance to make some really good friends with whom I am still in touch.

The MSc in Advanced Marketing Management provided me with all these technical and personal skills necessary for a further research study, as well as the potential to pursue the academic career that I always wanted. Back home in Greece, I enrolled for a PhD in the Department of Marketing and Communication at the Athens University of Economics and Business with a research interest in the econometric modelling and the application of advanced quantitative research techniques to the area of marketing and consumer behaviour (with a particular focus on the automobile markets).

Having a Lancaster degree gave my career intentions a real advantage, and thus I feel the need to express my deep gratitude to all the staff of the programme. Without the valuable knowledge and experience gained from this programme probably I would not be able to achieve all this.