Charlie Lee

Country of origin: South Korea

Director, OpenTide Korea

After I completed my undergraduate degree, a BSc in Marketing at Lancaster University, I was eager to develop my marketing knowledge further. I decided that theoretically based marketing programmes were not for me. I really needed a new MSc Marketing course that would bring marketing to life and give me experience based on practical cases.

I searched for similar courses at other UK universities, yet I felt that the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management at Lancaster was just the right choice for me. It offered opportunities to develop my marketing skills and knowledge to an advanced level, with an emphasis on both academic and practical areas in the many marketing fields.

The MSc not only offers advanced knowledge in marketing, but also a huge number of opportunities for students to acquire the interpersonal skills that are so necessary for a successful marketing career.

Students on the programme bring in their knowledge and share their past experiences to benefit discussions in the classroom. In addition, you undertake groupwork with other students, and through that you learn to see that there are many different ways of thinking about and solving a problem.

As soon as I completed the MSc Advanced Marketing Management, I was offered a job as Senior Business Consultant with LG CNS Entrue Consulting (part of the LG technology company) in South Korea, doing business and IT strategic consulting. In particular, my experience on telecommunication and media projects at Lancaster helped me to work in the relevant industry areas. Whilst working for LG CNS Entrue I conducted a DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) business strategy project with a mobile communication service provider and a value innovation strategy project with one of the big retailers in South Korea. I have now further progressed in my career, taking a position as Senior Consultant for Accenture.

The MSc at Lancaster was an absolutely valuable time for me and helped me to think more logically and critically. I have learnt more about myself and how to work with other team members. These experiences and memories have been really helpful in my consulting work and will be a cornerstone in my career.

Finally, I would like to suggest some tips on how to enjoy the course and the Lancastrian life. First of all, just enjoy yourself. Don’t stay in your room all the time. Use the incredible opportunities here to make friends with people from all over the world. Don’t close your mind, but open it. It's easy to make new friends because the University is campus based, and everyone lives close by. In addition, you need to strike a balance between work and play.

I can’t forget the time on my BSc and MSc at Lancaster. And I'm proud of having completed the best marketing course in the UK.

Since writing this profile, Charlie has gone on to become the Director of OpenTide Korea, which develops in-house consulting practices for Samsung Electronics.