Cheng Ye

Country of origin: China

Sales Director, Teleopti China

Before I came to Lancaster University Management School to study on the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management, I had been working in a marketing role for more than five years with experience in PR, product planning and sales. Besides my business experience, I had also worked as a teacher for four years in China, and I was the oldest student in the AMM cohort.

I chose to study at Lancaster because of its academic strength and for its strong relationships with industry. I am extremely glad that I took the opportunity to go on to postgraduate level study at Lancaster – not only because of the strength of the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management itself – but also because I was able to work with many talented people, and I loved the experience of living away from home for the year.

Academic life at Lancaster is very different to that in China. The programme involves a lot of group work which is similar to how people work together in international companies. I found the programme, and the experience of studying in the UK, very rewarding – and it allowed me to mature my skills and be creative.

After completing the MSc, I returned to China and was offered a position at Destinator, a US-based navigation software company, where I worked as a Business Development Manager. A year on and I am now working as a Sales Manager for a European software company called Trolltech where I have found a very rewarding work/life balance.