Chris Lyth

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Principal Technology Consultant, Arup

I came to Lancaster with previous work experience in the UK and Afghanistan.

Before joining the MSc ITMOC programme I had several years work experience in IT project management and came to understand first-hand that even a successfully delivered project can fail in fulfilling its original objectives. The possible reasons for this are many, however two that particularly stand out are a lack of alignment to business strategy and a lack of integration with the people and culture of an organisation.

When looking for further study I knew that I wanted a course that was broadly concerned with IT, but with a business and management focus, whilst bringing in the people and cultural side of organisational thinking. I chose the ITMOC programme because it appeared to meet all of these objectives and LUMS was amongst the top five management schools in the UK. Over the duration of the course I found it fulfilled these expectations.

The course itself was very well delivered with a mix of individual and group work. It was challenging in terms of the workload and timescales involved, however with a disciplined approach everything can be completed on-time. There was a good selection of modules and choices available so that individuals could tailor their study somewhat, and I found the lecturers to be knowledgeable and approachable, as well as being experts in their field.

My dissertation was based around a project for Accenture and I valued the opportunity to tackle a real-world problem scenario. Among the key benefits of the ITMOC course are the strong links to industry and the consulting experience of the lecturers which then feeds into the programme delivery.

The ITMOC programme always contains many nationalities and I really appreciated the opportunity to get to work alongside my fellow students and to understand a little more about their cultures and backgrounds. Everyone brings diverse experiences and opinions to the course which enriches the learning for all.

I’m now a senior consultant with Arup in their Technology Strategy and Architecture division and have found that the skills and knowledge developed throughout the ITMOC programme have been very beneficial in my work environment, broadening my thinking when tackling problems and advising clients.