Christina Bernhardt

Country of origin: Germany

Process Operations Manager, Dräger Safety AG

Before joining the MSc ITMOC, I worked for various German companies, improving business processes in an IT setting. As I have an undergraduate degree in business I felt that I needed to develop stronger skills in IT-related fields to continue my career successfully.

Looking for the right programme that would provide me with the skills I needed, I decided to join the ITMOC programme at Lancaster. Expecting a year of challenging tasks, great workload but also a lot of fun, I came upon even more. Through the intense group work with class mates from different nationalities I was able to gain valuable intercultural skills. Furthermore, the course introduced me to a whole new way of looking at organisations and technology and how these two aspects interact.

I also highly enjoyed the close relationships to the professors and lecturers and the possibility to engage in topics of my own preference. For my dissertation I was able to design and follow my own research project in cooperation with a German company. This hands-on opportunity helped me to strengthen what I had learned on the programme.

Looking back at my non-academic experience at Lancaster the degree was a worthwhile personal enrichment. Engaging with different cultures not only in class but also on campus and in the flats was a lot of fun and a memorable experience. Living on campus felt like being part of a big international community.

After finishing the programme I started to work as a Process Operations Manager at Dräger, a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology. In this role I am responsible for the improvement and implementation of global sales processes as part of a Customer Relationship Management software rollout. My knowledge of IT strategy and IT-induced change as well as my intercultural capabilities gained through ITMOC have already proved to be valuable skills for my career.