Christina Petromelidou

Country of origin: Greece

Graduate Trainee in Customer Service, Swiss International Airlines

In 2010, I completed my undergraduate studies in economics at the University of Macedonia, in my home town of Thessaloniki. During my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to familiarise myself with most of the subjects in the economics field and I was captivated by management.

To me, the importance of management is that it is related directly to the people, the structure, the objectives, the strategies, the challenges, the problems that an organisation faces and their solutions. For this reason, I decided to further my studies and do a Masters degree specialising in management.

Having decided that I wanted to study in the UK, I conducted thorough research in order to find the most appropriate programme for me. Attending a very competitive, well-structured and highly organised postgraduate degree at a well-respected university was of vital importance for my professional career.

Lancaster University Management School – and especially the MSc in Management programme – caught my attention due to the School's outstanding international reputation: it is ranked as a top 5 business school in the UK. It was also highly recommended to me by my professors in my undergraduate studies. LUMS not only offered me a place on the programme but also granted me a scholarship.

Skills development

The MSc in Management proved to be a very challenging and intense programme. Attending the theoretical and practical modules helped me to improve my management, marketing, negotiation and team-working skills, to develop commercial awareness relevant to individual niche markets and be able to understand and implement a thorough competitor analysis.

The optional modules available offered me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the specific areas of management in which I was interested in. The international student cohort and the group work, which constitutes a great part of the programme, not only improved my team-working skills but also opened my mind to new ideas and new perspectives, and gave me a better understanding of myself.

Lectures were taught by experts in their respective areas who were highly approachable and willing to help me whenever I needed them to. The LUMS careers office is always committed to providing you with guidance and advice during your job application process.

Apart from studying I had the chance to go the gym, be a volunteer in the Green Lancaster society and improve my Spanish with the language courses that Lancaster University offers to its students.

After I finished my studies, I started working as a graduate trainee in SWISS International Airlines in their Customer Service Department, located in Basel. I am convinced that my MSc from LUMS played a vital role in obtaining this position and made me able to meet the demands of my work and my position.

Overall, Lancaster is the perfect place to study and live in. I am grateful that I had the chance to do my postgraduate studies there, as I gained invaluable experience which gave me a greater belief in my abilities and more determination in achieving my full potential. Therefore I can only highly recommend this programme to everyone who is interested in doing a Masters in management!!