Chun Sing Li

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Senior Credit Risk Officer, Fubon Bank

Before taking the MSc in Management at Lancaster, I studied for an undergraduate degree in Travel and Tourism in Hong Kong. I chose to come to Lancaster to obtain a broad degree in all areas of Management because LUMS is one of the best management schools in the UK.

The MSc in Management in particular is globally ranked by the Financial Times. This was the right choice, and from studying at Lancaster, I saw that Lancaster University puts a lot of resources into developing the Management School while keeping tuition fees reasonable. Besides, Lancaster is one of the safest cities in the UK for students and is situated in a nice environment.

I very much enjoyed my time at Lancaster studying for the MSc in Management. For example, I enjoyed the first-term modules in Operations Management, Financial Management, and Economics for Managers. I also enjoyed undertaking the project work for a real company. The project work gives you a great opportunity to put theory from the programme into practice and to gain real-world experience of delivering on a project brief for a real, demanding client.

In summary, LUMS is a nice school in a nice environment. Lancaster is in the North West of England, reasonably close to the Lake District, and the University is a campus outside of the city of Lancaster with all the lecture theatres, facilities, accommodation, etc together in one place – I love this kind of living style. The programme itself is very good, and the group work provides a rich, multinational experience. There are students on the course from all over the world – you get to work and learn from people from all sorts of disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

The MSc in Management is helping me in my future career and with my future study plans. I am now working in Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited as a Senior Credit Risk Officer. I review bank credit policies and perform risk analysis on the bank’s credit portfolio. The MSc in Management helped me get where I am today.