Dag Vidar Bendiksen

Country of origin: Norway

IT Strategy and Transformation Manager, Accenture (Norway)

I had just completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business and IT Management at the Norwegian School of Management before I enrolled on the MSc ITMOC programme. This Bachelor’s degree focused on the complex relationship between information technology (IT) and organisations. I found this relationship both exciting and challenging, and I therefore wanted to enhance my knowledge and understanding of this relationship by studying it at Masters level.

The ITMOC programme examines the connection between IT, management and organisation in depth and this was the chief reason behind my choice of applying for a place on the programme. Lancaster University Management School is a highly ranked international business school and is consistently among the UK's top four, and this was another reason for choosing to study there. And today I am certain that I made the right choice.

Group work was one of the major teaching methods during both academic terms. It was crucial to do well in the group work projects in order to obtain an overall good mark in the module. As a result the ability to conduct time-limited group work together with people from several other nationalities is one of the most valuable things ITMOC taught me. I am certain that the challenges we faced and solved during our group work have made me a better team player.

Another skill that the ITMOC programme teaches is problem solving. Both the group work projects and the individual assignments are about solving problems. Even though some of the assignments are more academic than others, the goal is still to provide a reflective solution to an issue. Moreover, the extensive use of academic sources in the process of solving the different assignments has taught me to work in a critical manner and analyse different views of an issue.        

The ITMOC programme has collaboration with Accenture and this collaboration provided me with valuable information about the consulting industry and about the firm Accenture. Sometime after New Year I came to the conclusion that I wanted to start working in the consulting industry, and four months before I was finished with the ITMOC programme I signed a job contract with Accenture in Norway. So now I am looking forward to using the knowledge and the skills the ITMOC programme taught me, and I am certain that the skills and the knowledge obtained during this one-year MSc programme will be of great value.