Dai Shen

Country of origin: China

MSc Accounting and Finance, London School of Economics and Political Sciences

When I was considering which universities I should apply for, I thought I would like to find a university where I could take three years to equip myself with enough knowledge to build a solid foundation for my career. So I made LUMS my first choice. The decision was easy to make.

Firstly, the Lancaster University Management School is one of the best among the British institutions, or even in the world, which promised high quality teaching. Secondly, Lancaster University’s environment is very suitable for studying as the atmosphere on campus is very academic and friendly so that students can concentrate on their studies.

I took the BSc Accounting and Finance degree at Lancaster University because I liked the fact that it is a combined but flexible programme: I developed my skills in both accounting and finance fields, and was also given great freedom to choose other modules I wished to study such as economics, mathematics, and management. From a career development point of view, this degree therefore gave me a very broad view of the business world, and has enabled me to have a greater number of choices for my career, like accounting, auditing, finance analysis, consulting etc.

I have to say that this programme is really challenging. However, this is also why it is amazing. It was a real pleasure to study with the elite staff and students at LUMS.

In my spare time, I was a member of the badminton society at the University. The society organised activities every week, including playing badminton, training, and clubbing. These activities made my life at university more colourful.

Now that I have completed my undergraduate degree at Lancaster, I am going to study for an MSc in Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.