Dan Conboy

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Company Director, Network Brands

The BA Management and Organisation degree provides an opportunity to look at organisations and management practices from a critical perspective, challenging what is taken for granted and examining the cultural, political and social processes involved.

Rather than being a management training course, the degree allowed me to draw my own conclusions on a wide breadth of topics ranging from human resource management to technology in organisations. The staff in the department are very supportive and always encouraged me to challenge myself whilst providing support and assistance whenever required.

Lancaster’s campus environment fosters an excellent community which provides opportunities for all who live and work within it. During my studies I was a Union Councillor in the Students’ Union, with my primary role being the faculty representative for the Management School.

I also worked for the Management School as a Student Ambassador, assisting with the organisation of the faculty’s open days for prospective students, as well as co-ordinating a business simulation game for year-12 college students. However, aside from my studies, much of my time was spent with the University’s running club which I founded in 2006 and was President of until shortly before my graduation.

Dan is now a Company Director for Network Brands Ltd.