Daniel Lindblad

Country of origin: Sweden

Shopping Development Manager, Beiersdorf AG

The degree which Daniel studied, MSc Operational Research and Management Science, has changed its name to MSc Business Analytics.

After completing my Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Economics at Stockholm University, I wanted to get more specialised. Since I had especially appreciated the courses in statistics, it seemed natural to go for a quantitative subject. Through internet research and by personal recommendations I decided to apply to Lancaster University and the MSc in Operational Research and Management Science.

This choice turned out to be one of the best I have made. I have learned so much in just twelve months – not only about quantitative methods, but also about life in the UK and cultures from all over the world, and I gained many insights about myself.

The OR degree is excellent in that it prepares you for application of the methods that are taught. With an understanding of how quantitative modelling can help in business decision making, I was soon very engrossed in the programme. The programme content, combined with excellent teachers and staff, made my time in Lancaster a truly memorable one. The informal and friendly atmosphere was a rather stark contrast to previous experiences of higher studies in Sweden and France.

I carried out a three-month project at the cosmetics firm Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg as part of my degree. It turned out to be an extremely rewarding one: I got to apply the methods learned on a real business problem. The outcome of the project was highly successful. Had it not been for this opportunity, I am sure I would not have landed the position within Quality Management at Beiersdorf at the end of my studies.

In addition to the studies, life in Lancaster gave me plenty of other worthwhile experiences; a global network of people from Colombia to China, hikes in the magnificent Lake District, a better understanding of the staff-student questions through being a course representative, and plenty of other things. Looking back at my time in Lancaster I cannot help but smile and think that I surely made the right choice!