Danilo Melle

Country of origin: Italy

Assistant Vice President Relationship Manager, Credit Suisse

The degree which Danilo studied, BBA European Management (Italian), is no longer available. It has been superseded by BBA International Business Management (Italian).

Thanks to the BBA International Business Management programme at Lancaster University Management School, I had the opportunity to study in two different countries in a multi-ethnical environment. I spent two years at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Piacenza, Italy, followed by two years at Lancaster University.

I feel that having international experiences, the ability to speak different languages and management skills is an increasingly important combination that employers are looking for.

An integral part of the BBA programme is internships, which give students the opportunity to develop skills in the work place and build a network. Many students of the BBA receive a graduate job offer before they even finish the four-year programme.

In Italy my first internship was in an agriculture firm that wanted to develop its marketing campaign and I was working specifically in the local store marketing approach. After this internship I had the opportunity to do another internship with the investment banking sector at Citibank.

As soon as I arrived at Lancaster University I could see a totally different world. The English system of study is more practical than theoretical. For this reason I think that the International Business Management BBA programme provides the best combination to equip you to succeed in the working world.

During the second term of the first year at Lancaster I wanted to know more about the Middle East market, because I had a deep interest and curiosity in it. That is why I worked as an intern at Global Management Consultants, a consulting firm based in Dubai. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I learnt how to adapt to a totally different culture and work in a multi-national environment where I was the only Western employee.

These internships made me become flexible and helped me to be more competitive among new graduates.

Before my graduation in 2011 I had already two job offers, one at AXA Investment Managers in Paris and another at Tefen Ltd in London. I chose the second one because I enjoyed working in management consulting.

The International Business Management BBA helps students to develop a network with other international students with the same interests and goals. After six months at Tefen, I decided to set up an online jewellery company, Vibresse Ltd, with my girlfriend and flatmate, that has now become my full-time job.

Lancaster University helps young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, and I think this University would be the best place for smart and inquisitive young adults.

Danilo now works at Credit Suisse as Assistant Vice President Relationship Manager.