David Ixta

Country of origin: Mexico

Specialist, FIRA (Mexico)

David was sponsored by his employer to undertake his MSc, and returned to work for them at the end of the programme.

I chose Lancaster University because of two reasons which together made the perfect combination: firstly, the structure and quality of the MBF programme, and secondly the global ranking the University holds. These quality indicators were essential for me as I had to provide evidence to the institution I worked for, in order for them to grant me a scholarship to study a Masters degree. I had no problem at all fulfilling these two requisites with the MBF programme at LUMS.

In terms of the academic life at Lancaster there are many things worth mentioning. The MSc Money, Banking and Finance is as rewarding as it is demanding, and therefore one should be prepared to commit fully to it in order to succeed and learn as much as possible.

In my case the beginning of the programme was the most difficult part because I was coming from a very different education system and I needed to develop the appropriate skills for the MSc. Fortunately, the University provides a wide range of tools to help you understand what you need to produce and how it should be done so one can get on track in no time.

Besides this, I must say that living on the University campus was one of the best decisions I made since it allowed me to immerse myself in both the academic and social life of the University, which in turn facilitated the process of adaptation I went through.

A key trait of how the MBF programme is taught is that professors encourage students to think about each problem and to come up with a solution, there are no easy answers! I have found this to be an invaluable tool when facing problems at work.

After finishing the MSc, I returned to Mexico and resumed work for the company which sponsored me. I work for an institution called FIRA, which is a second-tier development bank that offers credit and guarantees, training, technical assistance and technology-transfer support to the agriculture, livestock, fishing, forestry and agribusiness sectors in Mexico.

Looking back it is clear to me that my time at Lancaster has been the best time of my life… so far.