David Woodcock

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Consultant, PA Consulting Group

The programme that David studied on, the combined major in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, is now called Management Mathematics.

I chose Lancaster for several key reasons. The degree schemes and individual subjects seemed genuinely interesting and designed to help you develop the key skills needed for any sort of work. Studying Management Science and Mathematics together would equip me to solve real business problems - a tantalising step up from many years of theory. And finally, the staff I met were down-to-earth, clearly passionate about their subjects and their University. They don’t let their reputation get in the way of what they are here for: to deliver world class research and teaching.

In the summer before my final year, I did a ten-week internship with Aon Hewitt (a leading global benefits consultancy) and subsequently joined as a trainee actuary after graduating. Actuaries bridge the gap between using financial and statistical expertise, and consulting skills to solve a huge range of issues – a really good fit to the skills I developed at LUMS.

My career has moved on since and I’m now working at PwC in London, training as corporate pensions actuary. My work involves advising large organisations on all aspects of managing pensions risk, which is diverse, demanding, and rewarding.