Enyinnaya Mbagwu

Country of origin: Nigeria

E-Channels Business Engagement Officer, Access Bank (Nigeria)

There has been lots of media exposure about Lancaster University in the past few years due to its rise in research, academic and student satisfaction ratings. While researching universities for a Masters degree, I sought a university with high rankings, yet one which was not over-expensive and which had a good reputation and industry links. I also wanted a university that had a good international mix, industry-relevant course modules and a big, social, campus. These characteristics were the reasons why I chose to study at Lancaster University Management School.

My experience studying at LUMS has been impressive because my expectations have been met and surpassed in many different ways. The best aspect of studying at the University would be the unreserved attention that staff are willing to give to students in and outside lectures to ensure better understanding. This creates a really friendly atmosphere because students are assured that the staff are willing to help at all times.

What I like best about studying the MSc E-Business and Innovation at Lancaster is the case-study approach which provides hands-on experience solving real-life business problems. This is usually done in collaboration with guest lecturers from industry leaders, such as IBM and Oracle, who are directly involved in the teaching. This enables the development of skills that are directly transferrable to future careers.

Lancaster University provides support in every aspect of social life: financial support and guidance, psychological and emotional support, career information, support and counselling, skill development and training, part-time jobs and access to the best sources of related professional information. I have benefited from a lot of these services and they have helped contribute to a well-rounded study environment for me. This ensures adequate awareness and preparation for the outside world.

The University is very supportive of international students and its rankings and reputation ensure that graduates can compete favourably in the tight job market. There are many career fairs with the top companies visiting and hiring students before graduation. In addition, the international mix of students ensures very useful exposure to global cultures and a very thriving future social and professional network.

The city of Lancaster is very quiet, serene, friendly and most importantly, safe. It allows for cheaper travel, accommodation and shopping. Its quiet nature is however supplemented with a vibrant social life for students who would like to hang out and also has many of the big brand stores. It’s a nice environment to study but also allows for easy access to busier cities nearby like Liverpool and Manchester.

In the future I plan to start a business that will harness technological advances and provide value to a global market. Studying for the MSc in E-Business and Innovation at Lancaster will help impart the knowledge, expertise and innovative capacity that I will require to take up such a challenge. LUMS has a track record of student entrepreneurs as well as good links with the Department of Computing which helps facilitate start-up ideas and budding entrepreneurs. I believe that a lifelong relationship with Lancaster University will ensure that I have access to the University's vast resources and support in the future.