Evalina Sitepu

Country of origin: Indonesia

Assistant Manager, Pertamina

I chose Lancaster University because it is one of the top ten universities in UK. When I looked at the modules of the Lancaster Full-time MBA, I was really curious about how this programme explores leadership and learning through action more deeply by means of projects during the year. It is my goal to be a strategic leader and I found the Lancaster MBA provided everything I needed to pursue my ambition.

I really enjoyed my days at Lancaster University. All the facilities are great. The accommodation, library, learning zone, shops, sport facilities, chapel and mosque were all close at hand, and I rarely went to the city centre for anything I needed. In addition, MBA students also enjoy the  comfort and convenience of the MBA suite where we can continue our discussions anytime we want.

It was a pleasure to interact amongst ourselves and learn about different cultures as the students came from 17 countries. I enjoyed the learning experience and it really enriched my understanding of other people. I know I will be meeting many people from different countries and backgrounds in the future and this experience will help me in dealing with these people. Being a team member in various groups also made me realise my weaknesses and strengths, as well as those of others, and made me more mindful of them.

Doing three projects with small, medium and large companies in a variety of industries was a great opportunity to work in real-life situations. Acting as consultants, we implemented all the knowledge that we had from the modules while at the same time being aware of the specific context. I am convinced that being mindful will strengthen my cognitive and collaborative skills and also my judgments in any situation.

The Career Advancement Programme also helped me to think more closely about my career and discover more about myself through the many insights I got from practical sessions, guest speakers and networking meetings. Now I have returned to my country and work in the financing department of Pertamina, Indonesia’s national oil and gas company – the only Indonesian company listed in Fortune 500. I still try to implement all the knowledge and skills I have from the Lancaster MBA and I feel that I am on the right track toward my goal.  

Therefore, I recommend all who want to pursue their MBA to realise what they want to be in their future and find a university that provides modules that will help them to achieve their objective. As a proud alumna of the Lancaster MBA, I know I really got what I needed from my studies and it will definitely help me succeed in my future career.