Evgeni Ivanov

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Junior Expert, Bulgarian National Bank

I chose to study at LUMS because of its good reputation and its high rankings within the UK university league tables.

The BSc Economics is a well-structured degree, where the quality of teaching is exceptional and where the difficulty of the studied material increases steadily with each year so that each student can adjust to the pace.

I enjoyed the overall balance between classwork and extra-curricular activities as well as the level of responsiveness from lecturers and tutors, when I had questions regarding the material. 

Lancaster will always be a pleasant memory where I made great friends and where I received the foundations on which I am building my professional career.  Lancaster University provides the perfect environment in which students can develop; high quality teaching staff, cultural diversity, well-organized course structure and an amazing campus.

What is more, since the campus is separated from the city, I believe that the students in Lancaster interact with each other more than in most other universities, which helps people build long-lasting friendships.   

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Lancaster, I continued my studies in the sphere of economics by doing a Master’s degree at UCL. The knowledge that I received during the 3 years in LUMS helped me graduate with a Master’s degree with a distinction. After finishing my Master’s degree, I managed to get a job in the Economic Research and Forecasting division of the Bulgarian National Bank, where I have applied what I have learnt at Lancaster on a daily basis.