Evikos Tofi

Country of origin: Cyprus

Issues Analyst, TSYS Card Tech

Before coming to Lancaster I completed an undergraduate degree in Applied Informatics in August 2005.
What attracted me to the MSc in E-Business and Innovation was definitely the great opportunity to develop multidisciplinary knowledge and apply it in practice under real-world situations.

The combination of principal subjects from different disciplines presented me with a set of challenges to research and analyse ‘Innovation’ in diverse markets. And simultaneously, the programme enabled me to become involved in the organisation and execution of several primary and secondary research-based projects and work as part of a team in a multicultural environment.

Through gaining this experience, I developed analytical, research and business management skills, and these undoubtedly helped me to get my career off to a good start. I now work as an Issues Analyst for TSYS, a global company in the innovative area of e-payments.

Evikos is an EBIN Ambassador, so if you wish to ask any questions about the EBIN programme, you are welcome to contact him: e_vikos@hotmail.com