Fabio Petzhold Dias

Country of origin: Brazil

Customer Insight Analyst, Farfetch

After four years of working in the Marketing Analytics division of a major Brazilian bank, I wanted to learn the theory behind the practice. I also thought that being involved in full-time academic activities would facilitate transferring this knowledge to other industries and bring ideas from new developments in the field.

The programme content of the MSc Management Science and Marketing Analytics at Lancaster University offered this structured quantitative knowledge that I was looking for. Additionally, the department’s reputation in soft Operational Research skills, which are tremendously useful for project management, made it the perfect choice for me.

The University location offers the peace and quiet of the countryside, which I needed to focus and make the most of my studies. Achieving a great Masters degree greatly depends on the assistance of lecturers and collaboration with classmates. The campus infrastructure with its approximately 12,000 students and easy access to the city made it easy to work and spend quality time with classmates and staff who soon became good friends.

The strong practical approach of the course that connects the theory to real business practice was a very positive surprise. All this learning is then put into practice on a three-month company project, for which I was based in Switzerland, working for AXA Winterthur. The high level of people supporting me in the company and in the University, along with my own commitment, led to very successful results for this challenging cross-border project. Deep insight was gained as the project identified some of the main factors driving customer churn in insurance policy contracts, which was precisely in line with my strong interest in the customer analytics field.

Studying at Lancaster University Management School provided far more benefits than I had expected. Being open and becoming aware of opportunities like the Masters study abroad programme allowed me to extend my degree to cover the Chinese business perspective as I spent an extra term on the IMBA at National Chengchi University, College of Commerce, in Taipei.

The quality of the partner university and its competence in the field made extending my study period very worthwhile. During those four months, I also had the chance to cover new content in class while living the rich Asian culture and lifestyle. Looking back, it is hard to believe everything that was achieved during those 15 months. The study programme not only helped my studies on campus, but also allowed me to take this knowledge into industry and extend it internationally to places beyond my previous perspectives.

This fits perfectly with the requirements for professionals in the current fast-paced global economy we live in, making me very grateful that I chose Lancaster University to carry out my further studies.