Farooq Mughal

Country of origin: Pakistan

PhD student, Lancaster University Management School

The MA in HR and Consulting has been a vital addition to my educational background. It has redefined my vision and has transformed me into an HRD professional, with the requisite set of skills essential to design, develop and deliver effective HRD interventions.

My decision to join Lancaster University was truly inspired by the globally acclaimed faculty and their cutting-edge research, particularly in the field of management learning and leadership. I have been able to learn inside and outside the classroom with a diverse group of students from different parts of the world. The group discussions, experiential learning activities, class presentations, organisational visits and research exercises were the cornerstone of the MA programme.

Research is at the core of the programme which aims to provide consultants-in-the-making with the skills to search for the knowledge and information required to address a wide range of research issues. The research-based project during the first two terms equips students with the ability to acquire appropriate knowledge from the sea of literature, devise a research strategy and analyse the data collected. It is an effective way of building the research skills which are the foundation of any research-based consultancy.

Out into the real world

One of the most memorable experiences, and another key addition to my skills, was the consulting project which was an integral component of our consultant’s learning cycle. It was like stepping out into the real world, meeting with actual clients and attending to their real problems. Lancaster had prepared us to encounter challenges head-on – giving us the skills, knowledge and right attitude to engage, procure, diagnose and implement real-time solutions vital to the functionality of the client’s organisation. Both the research and the consulting project provided an excellent basis for the dissertation, which itself is an amazing way of realising an individual’s full potential.

As an academic, I can totally relate to the teaching methodology I encountered at Lancaster. It has broadened my vision, increased my intellectual capacity and widened my HRD acumen which will hopefully bring me through turbulent and testing times.

My career as an academic started at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology(CIIT), one of Pakistan’s upcoming research-intensive universities, which works in collaboration with international universities of repute around the world. I returned to CIIT after completing my MA, and have been able to perform my teaching activities, consultancies and research work with great enthusiasm.

Thank you Lancaster!

Farooq has since returned to LUMS, to study for a PhD in Leadership & Management in the Department of Leadership and Management.