Gaston Gomez Armesto

Country of origin: Argentina

Change Consultant, EDF Energy

I chose the Lancaster MBA for a number of reasons: FT rankings, value for money, and the three in-company experiences offered during the programme which were unique to a UK-based MBA. But most important of all was the personal feedback I received from an alumnus about the ‘Lancaster experience’. That was what really made me want to enjoy it for myself.

The course is quite demanding, and we worked long hours in various teams and on different subjects, always enjoying ourselves and gaining rich experience from our classmates. The staff at LUMS make it easy for you to focus just on your academic efforts, and the campus has all the facilities you could possibly want for day-to-day living.

In a tough year to graduate (2008, right in the middle of the worldwide financial melt-down), my proven experience with UK-based companies through the MBA consultancy projects, and my contacts through the MBA office and alumni networking, gave me a competitive edge in a very demanding job market.

Together those helped me to find an outstanding opportunity to join Cummins Energy Solutions. For me this is a move into a new sector, as I had previously worked in manufacturing and in government. But I have been able to draw both on my previous experience in strategic management and what I learnt on the MBA, and now from my base in London I am looking at how strategy and business functions can be improved across the UK, Belgium, Spain and the USA.

From this role I have now moved to EDF Energy, where I am a Change Consultant.

I would definitively recommend the Lancaster MBA to anyone who wants a professionally and personally life-changing experience.