George and Racheal Mubipe

Country of origin: Zambia

Director of Economic Regulation, Zambia's Energy Regulation Board (George)

George and Racheal Mubipe both wanted to take an MBA. With a young family, they needed to find an MBA that was 'family-friendly' and in an environment where they could be sure their children would thrive. Their daughter Nunanga, 6, and son Chawanzi, 5, both attended a local school. George and Racheal's story was featured in the UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper in September 2005.

George says: "We made a conscious decision to study an MBA together at the same school for financial reasons. The Lancaster MBA programme is flexible so that though we were both doing an MBA we could juggle our responsibilities and didn't miss out on lectures.

"Two students in the house means twice the stress but we both understood the pressures, and could help each other with our studies. It definitely strengthened our relationship.

"Our days were very organised to balance all the responsibilities. The children went to bed at 10pm after we'd spent time with them, then we studied for three hours, but at the weekends we put away our books and did things as a family which helped to relax us."

Racheal says: "We had a timetable for doing the cooking, looking after the children and studying. The children have learnt that we can't give them all our time and attention, and their attitude to school has changed. Now they know that education doesn't end after high school, and that eventually doing an MBA is a possibility.

"The experience has been very valuable for all the family because we've been exposed to a different kind of life and routine – and achieved two MBAs."

After completing their MBA, George and Racheal returned to Zambia. Racheal is working in marketing for ZESCO, the largest electrity utility in Zambia. George is Director of Economic Regulation for Zambia's Energy Regulation Board (ERB).