Georgia Bourmpou

Country of origin: Greece

Junior Risk Manager, MDO Group (Luxembourg)

From an early age I have been captivated by the complexity of transactions, the ability to make the right investment at the right time. Initially a BSc in Business Administration was the rational choice for me. In addition, I gained much-needed work experience by working for EFG Eurobank S.A Bank.

The close correlation with my academic background and professional experience, along with the elite student body and the world-class faculty for which LUMS has a reputation, were some of the reasons that prompted me to seek admission to the MSc in Money, Banking and Finance

The optional modules that are part of this MSc gave me the chance to specialise in the fields that intrigued me the most, thus my investment-oriented module choices gave me expertise in the particular sector of financial markets. Modules such as Financial Markets, Advanced Investment Management, International Banking and Risk Management provided me with valuable knowledge in investment markets, portfolio management and quantitative analysis.

The projects that the MSc in Money, Banking and Finance included, always with strict deadlines, has made me improve my time management and organisation skills. Through collaborating with people who have different perceptions for life and work, I have learnt to adapt to challenging situations and to be innovative in order to be as productive and effective as possible.

Studying at Lancaster University not only gave me ample space to develop my skills but also assisted me in honing my interpersonal dexterity. Working in a group consisting of students from different countries and cultures offered me lifelong values, such as the capacity to listen, question, persuade, and respect the opinions of others. 

Coping with all tasks, assignments and reading did not make my life an easy one – but it was definitely worth all the effort. I’m sure that all these experiences will help in my professional career. I am now working as a Junior Risk Manager at MDO Group, the largest independent third party management company that offers self-managed SICAV support in Luxembourg. 

Although the MSc programme was quite demanding, there was always time to have fun. The campus of Lancaster University provides a wide range of facilities, a series of activities and a multitude of bars that cater for all tastes. The events on campus as well as in Lancaster itself are ongoing throughout the year and I enjoyed my time immensely!