Georgia Georgiopoulou

Country of origin: Greece

SAP Analyst, Accenture (Greece)

The reason I chose the MSc in ITMOC (Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change) was that it includes modules that provide a managerial perspective oo Information Technology, which form an ideal basis for a career in IT consulting.

A career in IT consulting was exactly what I wanted to do, after I graduated from high school and started my undergraduate studies in Athens University of Economics and Business. My undergraduate degree in Management Science and Technology also combined Management and Information Technology. Therefore, the MSc in ITMOC was an excellent way to deepen my knowledge in these fields.

As for my year at Lancaster, it was a great experience, not only because of its academic value and the things I learnt, but also because of all the people I met from various countries and the chance I had to familiarise myself with their cultures. Regarding ITMOC, even though working in teams proved to be quite difficult sometimes during the year, I think it was one of the most valuable experiences I got from my Masters study, and it has really helped me to prepare for my current job.

An unforgettable part of the MSc was the study tour in London to attend the Cloud and Big Data conference, and we also had the chance to visit Canary Wharf and Silicon Roundabout.

Now, I’m working as an SAP Analyst for Accenture Greece and LUMS’ prestige definitely helped me to get this job, as even one of my interviewers had studied in Lancaster 15 years ago. Moreover, the SAP certification I obtained (using the discount offered for LUMS students to participate in online courses provided by SAP University) is a really valuable asset that helped me not only to get my current job, but will also be valuable for my future career.