Grace Samuel

Country of origin: Nigeria

IT Product Analyst, Concept Nova

After my undergraduate programme in Information and Communication Technology, I joined an international NGO as IT personnel. I developed my skills and technical know-how in the technology systems employed for community development and health projects. My experience made me realise that many organisations are faced with the constant changes in technology and are usually incapable of keeping up with the rapidness of it all. From management to employees and to beneficiaries of our services, technology and its policies were perceived to have more cons than pros and thus, was either resisted or completely rejected. Furthermore, my passion for people-technology relationship increased. I knew I had to be involved in helping people benefit from technology and finding ways to make technology beneficial to its users. This led to my choice of the MSc Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change programme after quite an intensive search.

Originally, my focus was ICT for Development but MSc ITMOC offered more. With my technical background, it was a good bridge between the technical and ‘emotional’ side of technology. The taught courses were a perfect blend of interactions with tutors and guest speakers, group exercises with colleagues and individual critical research. My dissertation was a good starting point to emphasise the synergy between MSc ITMOC and the world of works. This prepared me for the turn that my career was about to take.

Lancaster University was an impeccable environment, which provided serene spaces for research and the much need balance of social spots. This encouraged collaboration and I also built key relationships with my classmates, other students and my tutors that will always be treasured. The University’s location in a city like Lancaster makes it very unique in many respects. Lancaster is a beautiful and quiet place to encourage a work-life balance as it is situated near unique sights, whilst also being a modern city with a lot of history. There were several places to relax with food and drinks, including the green landscapes in spring and summer.

Currently, as an IT Product Analyst for a leading technology services and solutions company in Nigeria, taking up new challenges for innovative solutions to meet the needs our target market has been made possible with the skillset developed from the MSc ITMOC programme. I believe it made me better suited to manage internal and external collaborations for development of best practices. Indeed, there are few decisions that prove valuable to a person for life and my choice for Lancaster University’s MSc ITMOC programme is one of such.