Greg Horsfall

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Business & Technology Consultant, IBM

Greg packed a lot into his Lancaster degree, spending a year studying in Canada and also a placement year working for Bupa International.

Three factors contributed to me choosing to study at LUMS: the prestige of the Management School, the flexibility of the courses offering exchange opportunities, and the ties with large industry bodies for future employment opportunities. The campus was also very friendly with modern facilities, a great atmosphere and a good location.

During my degree I found the flexibility and support to be great, allowing me to take an exchange year to one of many great universities that Lancaster works with, as well as intercalating to complete a year in industry. However I think the best part of my degree, and the Management School in general, is the international culture, which enabled me to work with people from around the world on different projects.

The practicality of some of the courses in particular was also pretty useful in my opinion. The New Venture Planning course was great to get to grips with all of the little details involved in developing a business plan for a new start-up, and Marketing Management demonstrated the complexities of actually operating in the workplace.

During my first year I was a student-staff representative, attending meetings with faculty members and passing on feedback from those on my course. My second year was spent on exchange, and as one of the few students on exchange at my host university for the whole year, I took part in the welcoming of the second semester students, arranging trips and nights out.

For my fourth and final year back at Lancaster, I was a LUMS Ambassador, as well as being the finance executive for the Study Abroad Society and writing for the Grizedale College magazine.

Studying in Canada

Before my exchange to Canada, I would have described myself as introverted, but as the only Lancaster student attending the Schulich School of Business that soon changed and I was readily able to get to grips with Canadian culture and get to know everyone around me. It opened my eyes to different cultures, different work ethics and different people.

It really was a fantastic opportunity, one of the best things I’ve ever done – and it gave me a chance to engage with Canadian business practice through different modules and taking part in business competitions.

Placement experience

I did a twelve-month placement with Bupa International as part of the IT Projects team, which fully immersed me into the real workings of a business, working directly with a number of projects which took me to Hong Kong and gave me the responsibility to deliver real solutions, applying my knowledge from my first two years and teaching me a lot more besides.

I would summarise my experience at Lancaster as flexible and hectic. I never really stopped and now I’m going straight into a fantastic graduate job, because my experiences at Lancaster helped me stand out from other applicants. I have managed to secure a job with IBM as a Business and Technology Consultant. I will be based in London but working around the UK on different contracts to build on my current experience and starting to focus my knowledge as I continue to learn.