Haakon Holth-Larsen

Country of origin: Norway

Relationship Manager, Nordea

I chose LUMS originally for my BSc Business Studies undergraduate degree based upon its reputation and international profile, which meant I was able to go for a year abroad at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. So when I was looking for an appropriate Masters degree, LUMS was naturally a candidate.

I chose the MSc Money, Banking and Finance degree because of the integration between economics and finance. Furthermore, it has smaller classes which makes the dialogue between student and tutor much closer.  

The optional modules that are part of the programme gave us the chance to specialise in fields outside traditional finance theory. I particularly enjoyed the module on Behavioural Finance with Dr Kim Kaivanto. This course touches upon the anomalies in financial markets, and with a class of only ten gave room for great discussions. This course was the basis for my Masters thesis on “Mental Accounting in the Financial Planning Process”.

The campus at Lancaster University is a small town in itself, giving great room to participate in different activities. During my time at the University I was an active player for the Lacrosse team and travelled around the north of England to different games and competitions, with the annual Roses tournament being a highlight. I also was a participating member of the Economics and Investment Society which had many interesting presentations from both internal and external speakers. For my class I was the course representative and got to interact with the staff to solve different student problems.

After receiving a graduate job offer at Nordea Bank, I did an internship with their Private Banking department in Oslo in connection with my thesis. This was a meaningful experience which gave me contacts and insight into  a part of the bank that was not intended for my graduate programme. 

Overall I’m very pleased with my experience at Lancaster. I met interesting people and got friends from all over the world and a Masters degree that got me a job of my choice.

My degree helped me land a place on a two-year graduate programme at Nordea Bank in Oslo, Norway. Banking is a wide area where you need knowledge in many areas. An MSc in MBF gives you a good foundation to build on and to succeed later in your career. I currently work as a Relationship Manager for corporate clients in the greater Oslo area.