Hanna Lindberg

Country of origin: Sweden

Author, Self-Employed

I had a BA in Political Science and Media and Communication Science and was just about to begin my first job as a news reporter at Aftonbladet, the major Swedish daily. A couple of weeks before I would start this job, I got rung up by the Dean at LUMS telling me I got awarded a full time scholarship. For me this was a game changer, almost like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Of course I had to take it.

The MSc Management programme was a fantastic way to improve my inter-cultural skills and to get contacts all over the world, great people I am still in touch with. Also it strengthens my analytical and strategical thinking, in business and in life. Nowadays I almost automatically SWOT every decision I make, it’s sort of got into my spine.

The dissertation was a delight too; I had the pleasure to have Dr Sarah Gregory as my personal tutor and was awarded for best master's thesis for "representations of gender in the whistleblowing discourse in the news media”.

My experience at Lancaster was invaluable. I apply the skills I picked up here on a daily basis I’d say. I've been quite busy since graduating from LUMS and the studies have been very useful throughout my career. In the almost ten years that have passed, I’ve been working as a journalist and recently as a specialist in digital publishing and strategy. Also, I have had my debut novel ‘Stockholm Confidential’ published and is now being released in several countries, such as Germany, Spain and Italy to name a few.

It was first published at a very small publishing house, so I had to do pretty much everything myself - this is where my management and project managing skills really came in handy. I made my own business plan, marketing plan and so on and now it’s all happening. I’m the CEO of my own business, for the moment combining the novel writing with being a media consultant.

My second suspense novel, the follow-up to Stockholm Confidential, is being released in Sweden at Norstedts publishing house in September. The first one is about to be published in Czech Republic in March, and I just got invited by my Czech publisher to make a visit in the spring. It’s a dream come true.

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