Haohan Li

Country of origin: China

Client Manager, Industrial Bank China

I chose to study Money, Banking & Finance MSc (MBF) because it was the most suitable programme for my future career. Before I decided to apply for postgraduate programmes, I had planned my future career route to be in banking; I thought that only doing economics, like in my undergraduate studies, would not be very practical for the working environment.

However, the MSc MBF includes some classic theoretical topics such as applied econometrics and financial markets, but also focuses on modern economic environment issues like international banking and risk management, behavioural finance and exchange rates, and international finance. The programme has a small number of students to ensure the learning quality. I did my undergraduate degree in LUMS, so I knew the teaching style well and got more used to it than others; that's why I chose this programme and want to recommend it to others who are interested in it.

I liked the fact that the programme has a wide range of module choices and great teaching facilities. There is a computer room only for MSc MBF students that contains many valuable databases for doing research and analysis for dissertations and essays.

Living conditions are also very good at Lancaster University. It is very convenient to go to the town centre and people in Lancaster are kind and friendly to overseas students. I felt at home during the time when I was studying on the MSc MBF.   

The most valuable thing that I gained from this programme is that I learnt to analyse data and use it to support my views. There were many essays to write, and at the beginning I usually obtained a low mark because I didn’t know how to explain my view in a convincing way. My tutors were very patient to teach me how to plan my arguments with data analysis.

Now, I’m still using this method in my current job. As a Client Manager at Industrial Bank China, one thing that makes me stand out from other managers is that I usually prepare many data sources about the financial instruments I’m going to recommend or sell. Customers often think my financial service is more reliable than others when I use the data to arm myself. How to plan a reasonable logical explanation to persuade my customers is the most valuable skill I gained on the MSc MBF.    

During my spare time, I went swimming a lot because the facilities at the University are great and I did some photography of the beautiful views in Lancaster.

Even now, I still have great memories of my time at Lancaster. No matter where I lived, in town or university accommodation, I met great people and learnt a lot about different cultures from them. I travelled to many places in the United Kingdom and Europe. The process of getting used to living in a different country and studying abroad made me a much stronger person.