Helene Spro Johansen

Country of origin: Norway

Structuring, Doric Asset Finance (Germany)

I have always wanted to study in England, however it was very important to me that the university was well known within the field I wanted to study, namely business. Lancaster University had everything I was looking for.

LUMS was highly ranked and the University was situated in a small town, ensuring that the students played a large role in the city’s atmosphere. The opportunity to study abroad on the BSc Business Studies, either for a year or just a term, offered the benefits of gaining experiences from different cultures as well as increasing my knowledge of how business is done in another countries. 

During my three years at Lancaster University I found that I really enjoyed presentations: the opportunity to gather knowledge and be given the chance to put your own mark on the topic by presenting it to others in your own way was very awarding.

In my second year at Lancaster University I joined the Women’s Rugby Club. This might have been one of the best decisions I made during my degree. When studying intensively, rugby offered a distraction and a way to relax and get new energy. I made so many friends and got to travel to different places in England to play matches.

Study abroad

In my third year I spent a Study Abroad term at Athens University of Economics and Business, which I truly enjoyed. To be given the chance to experience a different culture and to use the knowledge you gain when returning to Lancaster was not only beneficial academically but also personally. Greece is completely different from England, in weather and culture.

The experience of having to adapt to a different culture quickly as well as learning to appreciate the cultural differences was amazing, and I learned a lot about myself and realised how little I knew about the world. Greece, as well as Lancaster University’s international perspective, made me realise that I want to work across cultures and borders, living in different countries which I had not seriously considered before going to Greece.

The three years I have spent at Lancaster University have been some of the best years of my life. Academically I have had the pleasure of meeting experts in their fields inspiring me to pursue a very different path than I had planned. I have gained friends from all over the world, as well as having the chance to be a part of a fantastic society which made the hours I spent outside the library truly amazing.