Holly Archer

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Creative Projects Coordinato, Beauty Seen PR

During my time at sixth form I really struggled to decide what I wanted to do in the future. My father took over the family business from my grandfather and therefore business has always been apparent throughout daily family life. I was always intrigued, even at a very young age, about the running of the business and I enjoyed helping to come up with solutions to problems.

After looking round several universities, I chose Lancaster due to its inspiring architecture with its homely features, which instantly made me feel at ease. The BSc Business Studies course sounded stimulating and enticed me with the opportunity to challenge my potential. LUMS was particularly impressive and I liked the idea of a campus university with a collegiate system, something I knew would suit me well.

The course covered a wide range of different modules, which provided students with a degree of knowledge in almost all fields of the business environment. Students were given the opportunity to decipher their own strengths and weaknesses whilst pursuing their own direction. For me, I felt that I only really came into my own in my final year when I discovered entrepreneurship. I enjoyed the freedom of work and the ability to do 100% coursework modules, which is something I excelled in.

Another module that I thoroughly enjoyed was the Negotiation Game for project management. I was apprehensive at first with its unique structure based around a ‘game’ and its heavy reliance on teamwork but in the end I found a hidden talent that I never knew I had and it’s something I will endeavour to pursue in the future.

From a very early age I have played netball at a high level and wanted to continue this throughout my time at university. I was anxious about trialling for the university club as I knew the standard was very high. One feature that immediately appealed to me with regards to sport at Lancaster was the ability to play the sport you love at numerous levels; with the opportunity to play for your college if you aren’t university club standard.

Thankfully I jumped straight into the University second team and even captained the team in my fresher’s year. Netball was the perfect escape from academic stress and I met some of my closest friends from university at the club. In my second year the second team ended the season having won and subsequently been promoted in the BUCs league. In my final year I decided to take on some more responsibility and along with captaining the second team, I was the club Chair, responsible for training times, kit and equipment orders, controlling the finance and day-to-day running of the club. Although a challenging experience, I enjoyed every minute of my time in the club and with the second team being promoted for a second time in a row and winning ‘Club of the Year,’ it also became a tremendous achievement to be a part of.

My time spent at Lancaster has been unquestionably some of the best years of my life. Despite fluctuations in my personal and academic life, it would be impossible to deny the unforgettable experiences I have had during my time at university, together with the lifelong friends I have met along the way.

The support I have received from the staff at LUMS has been impeccable and I can honestly say I could not have done it without them. Any issue, small or large, has been dealt with such care, kindness and professionalism. Although I was never a high achiever at school, LUMS has shown me the standards achievable when students are provided with fantastic support and encouragement. I cannot thank the University enough for its continued support and the lasting memories it has provided.

Travelling has always been a personal aspiration. I finally have the time to travel round the world before settling down to a long-term job. My plan is to make a brief route over the winter and set off on my personal adventure in January 2013. Upon my return I hope to find a consultancy role in a large corporate firm. I am very excited for what the future holds but for now I am enjoying some much needed time off.

On her return, Holly was recruited by Capita Consulting as an analyst. She how works for Beauty Seen PR.