Hsing-Ju Hsieh

Country of origin: Taiwan

Specialist, Shin Kong Life Insurance

As I had already acquired a Bachelors degree in Finance from the National Taiwan University, my primary reason for choosing Lancaster University Management School for my MSc in Finance was that the School has a very good reputation – and particularly in the field of finance. I knew that the professors have very great knowledge from which I could learn a lot. Besides, the high-tech equipment and the extensive resources in the library would facilitate my learning.

In addition, LUMS is a partner of the CFA, and as I plan to take the CFA exam I thought the modules on the MSc, which are closely tailored to CFA requirements, would be very helpful.

I found the location of LUMS to be really good. The University campus is quiet and has fewer distractions than in some bigger city universities, so I felt more relaxed, had less pressure, and could concentrate more on my study.

Through the programme I have acquired some more advanced and difficult knowledge of finance. Learning a new concept, understanding the whole process, and then absorbing the knowledge for myself is a process I like very much. On many of the courses some form of groupwork is essential. Working with others has been a very helpful experience for me. I have learnt how to get along well with others, especially with different nationalities. I have also improved my skills, such as analytical skills, during the coursework. In conclusion, I learnt a lot not only from the lectures themselves but also from the assignments and the exams – and I really like the improvement I can see in myself.

Once or twice a week I went to the University sports centre to do some exercise such as fitness training or badminton. This not only made me feel relaxed, it was also a great way to make new friends.

I am now working as a specialist in the International Fixed Income Investment Department at Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.