Huanying Yang

Country of origin: China

PMO Analyst, CITIC Securities Company Limited

There are three main reasons why I chose to study at Lancaster University Management School. Firstly, I considered the ranking of Lancaster University in the UK and the ranking of LUMS in the world. Secondly, the programme – the MSc ITMOC really suited my experience and interests. Finally, the professors at LUMS are excellent in their academic fields.

My bachelor’s degree in Information Management and Information System (IMIS) is related to ITMOC and I was interested in undertaking further study. I attended the Pre-English Language School at Lancaster University for ten weeks before starting the ITMOC programme. I highly recommend this pre-sessional course, since it really helped me to have ten weeks to adapt to  the new environment in the UK, and gave me a solid foundation for my academic study.

I really enjoyed the Research Internship I did for my dissertation. Since my interests focus on information technology and business strategy consulting, particularly the implications of the management of change in the IT-driven business landscape, in the Summer term of my degree I undertook a three-month research internship, working in a team with another ITMOC student, with the Strategy and Enterprise Architecture division at Accenture UK. We interviewed senior Accenture staff in collecting our data and had access to internal reports and strategy documents. We researched the changing nature of business and consulting service at Accenture UK and helped Accenture to change frameworks within their organisation. My dissertation focused on a dynamics of paradoxes in relation to organisational boundaries, which had come about because of a company restructuring process.

To finish this research project we wrote a White Paper for Accenture, analysing their internal reorganisation processes and outcomes. This research experience not only stimulated my interest in the consulting field, but also enabled me to obtain knowledge of business and IT consulting. I really enjoyed this kind of group research work and company collaboration, and appreciated the opportunities which ITMOC provided to me.

The experience with Accenture guaranteed that I could get a good job offer when I returned to China. The skills and knowledge which I obtained during my Masters degree were very useful for me in getting a job as a project manager with CITICS. Firstly, fluent English skills in reading, listening, writing and speaking made me stand out. The highly international composition of the ITMOC class provided a fabulous environment for improving my language learning skills.

During the period of my studying abroad, I completed numerous academic essays, undertook group work and presentations, and produced business reports. All of these can show that I have the capabilities to adapt to the dynamic and globalised culture of twenty-first century companies. This includes consulting skills, interpersonal skills, and fast learning skills –  all of which I learned while studying ITMOC.