I-Chun Lee

Country of origin: Taiwan

Account Manager, Ruby Tech


I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in Taiwan; however I intended to help my Father in the family business. I planned to study a business/management related Master’s degree so I could learn business concepts and knowledge that would prove useful for me to run the family business. There was a “study-aboard exhibition” held in Taiwan and that’s where I learnt about LUMS. The Management School representative gave me so much information about studying at Lancaster University and the Master’s degree. I knew that it was exactly what I needed.

The thing I liked most about my degree is the group work and the opportunity to work in different group projects. Team work is not easy and especially when working with people from different cultural backgrounds. In Lancaster, I had many chances to work with international students, which helped me to improve the ability of my communication.

Lancaster is a nice place and a small but sweet town. The people are always so nice and friendly. I remembered that the first week of the first semester, LUSU held an event called “Big Night Out”. They took the new freshers to different bars and clubs in the town in one night. This was fun and that’s how I discovered I actually enjoy dancing a lot, since I don’t really go to clubs or bars in Taiwan.

On the MSc Management programme, we had two company-based consulting projects where we worked as a team. This was a totally new experience for me. It brought our studies to life when we could see that we helped these companies to solve their problems or issues. The company came to us for different issues such as they needed a real 3-year marketing plan or they needed an industry analysis from our perspective. We then had many different meetings and discussions to gather our ideas together. We then came up with the final solutions for the companies and presented this to them. What I gained during the process is to be open-minded to any opinions/suggestions. Being open-minded to different opinions is a way of learning that improved my own intelligence. Also, my ability of project management was improved in the process, which allowed me organise things well.

My year in Lancaster was so amazing and fun. I made good friends there and I was also able to improve my academic knowledge, soft skills and ability.

I am currently working as an Account Manager in a technology company, Ruby Tech, in Taiwan. For me, the Account Manager role is mainly responsible for the clients. I am the bridge between clients and the R&D team in the company. Clients will come to me for all kinds of requests. I will need to communicate with them and let our engineers know to work on their requests. So I think my communication ability is important for this role. Also, since my company is specialising in customising products, some clients would conduct customisation projects with us and I have to handle different kinds of projects with them. It's like a coordinator that balances the resources from our company into different clients' projects. Hence the ability of project management is a key. I think for my current job role, the above two abilities are the most important. I’ve most definitely improved these two abilities whilst studying at Lancaster.