Ilaria Zambetti

Country of origin: Italy

Team Leader, Gucci

Before taking the MSc in Management at Lancaster, I attended the Catholic University in Milan (Italy) where I studied for my undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages applied to Business Studies.

The MSc in Management at LUMS was a good balance of quality of service and a great programme; it was also a fair programme financially. I really appreciated the several group projects that I worked on during the year as they allowed me to meet people from all around the world and helped me to learn how to work in a team with people from different cultures. I also really loved the second part of the MSc, which allowed me to take a number of Marketing modules. The overall experience at Lancaster was great. The courses and the way of teaching were really effective.

My experience with the Careers Team at LUMS was also very good – they helped me to find my way in the job market. After leaving Lancaster, I went to work for L’Oreal. I am now working for Gucci, the luxury Italian fashion company, where I am the Worldwide Silk and Soft Categories Merchandising Team Leader.

Taking a Masters course in such a high-standard university as Lancaster helped me a lot, especially in securing my first experience of a big multinational company – L’Oreal. L'Oreal were looking for people with international experience and a great motivation to succeed. Thanks to the group work – and subjects like "Learning to Manage" – I was able to demonstrate these qualities. The MSc in Management also helped me to improve my entrepreneurial and leadership skills, which of course are very helpful skills now that I am managing my own team at Gucci.