Irada Alieva

Country of origin: Russia

Trade Marketing Executive, Diageo

Prior to joining Lancaster University Management School I had acquired significant background experience in marketing, both academic and practical. I had gained my first degree in marketing, followed by a few years working in the industry. With my passion for marketing I decided to undertake a Masters programme which would allow me to further my career. Coming to the UK provided a great opportunity to obtain not only a ‘first class’ education but also international experience while advancing my language skills.

I chose Lancaster University Management School because of its great reputation in academia and business across the globe. Being among top 10 universities in the UK and having a high graduate employment rate, Lancaster University also appealed to me due to its unique programme. I was looking for a course with a key focus on the practical side of marketing through which I could acquire more in-depth knowledge and enhance my expertise. The Advanced Marketing Management MSc  seemed to meet all the criteria so I applied and thankfully received an offer.

Since the educational approach was shaped around teamwork, throughout the first and second terms we were immersed in groups where we worked together on a number of different case-study projects. The programme aimed to develop a critical perspective on marketing management within a real business environment. Therefore, we gained a deeper understanding and learnt how to deal with situations faced by multinational companies.

Overall, the MSc Advanced Marketing Management has equipped me with profound knowledge of the marketing management field and has helped me develop critical, collaborative and research skills.

After graduation I returned to my home country, Russia, where I started to apply for jobs. The invaluable experience and knowledge I gained at Lancaster put me in an advantageous position during the interview process and I received several job offers. Now I’m proud to be working with truly outstanding brands and exceptionally talented people at Diageo in the company's Moscow office. As a Trade Marketing Executive working in a such a dynamic and challenging market I have a great chance to make a contribution to my team.