Ivana Stankovska

Country of origin: Macedonia

Project Coordinator and Research Assistant, National Centre for Development of Innovations and Entrepreneurial Learning (Macedonia)

Before joining the MSc E-Business and Innovation programme, I had a purely technical background. I had studied a Computer Science and Information Technology degree and spent two years working as a billing and rating administrator for T-Mobile, Macedonia.

When I decided to expand my knowledge of E-Business, the excellent rating of LUMS attracted me initially. However, the practical cooperation with well-known brands, such as IBM and SAP, and the programme content which was a perfect combination of E-Business and Innovation, were the drivers for my choice. What I found surprising was how closely the programme followed modern technical and business trends, so despite my computing background the technical modules were also something new for me.

I found the practical orientation of this highly demanding programme to be really valuable. A simulation of a ‘Dragons Den’ event, solving real problems, leading a project, and preparing business and technical plans were some of our assignments. They couldn’t have been completed successfully without developing the ability to cooperate with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to meet tight deadlines, and to be creative and original.

Cooperation with my colleagues, especially those with a managerial background, resulted in my personal and professional competence being enriched with new skills, and it also unlocked the potential of my previous experience to enable me to address current business requirements.

The dissertation project was a unique experience because of the opportunity to look closer into the UK marketplace. I gained experience of a consultant's role, by combining and applying the skills and knowledge I had gained in innovation and e-marketing and exploring the potential of new media in favour of our client – a young small enterprise operating in the B2B sector. My interest in the area of innovation resulted in a decision to continue my academic career further in this direction.