Jalpa Maniar

Country of origin: India

CRAC, Cambridge

‘If you set your sights far and desire is strong, your feet will carry you there’. I believe in the credo and it is to this belief that I attribute all my accomplishments to date.

I came from a technical background before I joined the ITMOC programme. In my first degree I majored in electronics and communications. However, the desire to gain an insight into the management aspects of technology i.e. to study a cross-disciplinary programme, prompted me to take a decision to pursue the MSc in ITMOC. ITMOC's structure and mixture of technological, organisational and managerial elements, along with Lancaster University Management School's reputation guaranteed a successful choice.

ITMOC, as the name suggests, is made up of three parts: IT; management; and organisational change. People from different backgrounds may find the programme useful to them in different aspects. For me, I learnt a lot in terms of management theories as well as consulting methodologies and frameworks. Moreover, group work and individual assignments helped me take theory into practice.

I have to admit that ITMOC was a very demanding programme in terms of workload and effort required. For the first time, I was in a completely different cultural and academic environment. The concepts of academic papers, referencing techniques, etc, were very new to me. The faculty does understand these problems and the needs of foreign students and lends a helping hand. Also the ITO10 module gives you complete training in how to write academically, give presentations and a host of other things.

In all, it was a very fruitful year that affected my way of thinking and interpreting, as I started questioning things that I used to take for granted. I gained a deep insight into how technology affects current managerial trends (such as BPR, IT strategy, knowledge management, systems thinking, etc). In addition, the programme offered a wide range of modules from Financial Management to Human Resources Management, which I would have never been exposed to coming from a very technical background.

It gave me great exposure to learning business across boundaries and cultures and opportunities, to interact with students from around the world, from different disciplines and with varied skills. Also, it enlarged my vision, enriched my knowledge and gave me an opportunity to make many international friends.

After graduation, I started working for CRAC: The Career Development Organisation in Cambridge, UK. I wanted to get work experience in the field of consultancy and gain some international experience. Also I wanted an opportunity to get to know the practical side of working life and be able to apply and develop what I had learnt during my studies and further both my professional and personal development.

The graduate degree from Lancaster University offered me the best blend of management knowledge, professional guidance and overall development. It provided personal attention and extensive academic resources along with superior education. In essence, the University offered a complete package, which provided an education that will serve me well in my chosen career and prepared me for a lifetime of learning.