James Mattingly

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Analyst, Qedis Consulting

The decision to undertake my initial undergraduate degree in Business Studies at Lancaster was down to a number of key factors, namely its position within the national league tables, the reputation of the business school and, finally, that it had an enclosed campus and collegiate system.

Although my home in Kent meant that the University was by no means the nearest to my home, I found it easy to settle into both social and academic life since the people I worked and lived with were fun, easy-going and friendly.

On a social level Lancaster is a great place to live and work because its collegiate formation gives you a collective identity with others within the University, whilst there is a myriad of social events, bars and societies to meet new people.

I was fortunate enough, shortly after graduating, to be offered a place on one of a number of Masters programmes within LUMS. I chose the MSc in International Business because I felt that it offered a wider breath of experiences and knowledge than the more specialised courses, whilst in turn being sufficiently different from my generalist undergraduate degree.

I found that studying an MSc was a challenging experience which allowed me to develop my interpersonal and analytical skills in greater depth than during my undergraduate degree. Whilst on the course I was able to work with a wide range of successful people from varied backgrounds and cultures which enriched my own learning experience and allowed me to gain insight from their experiences to aid my own development. 

The skills I have developed over my four academic years at Lancaster have proven to be highly useful in my current role as an Analyst for a London-based management consultancy. The necessity for good critical thinking and analytical insight is now paramount for developing a successful business career. Studying an MSc at Lancaster, I was able to build these skills in a way that challenged my thinking and helped me to develop stronger capabilities for the workplace.

Overall, Lancaster offered me the best mix of social and academic experiences, where I was able to develop new skills and meet new friends in a great environment.