James Vaughan

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Business Technology Analyst, Cheshire West and Chester Council

I graduated from Lancaster University Management School in 2013 with the MSc in E-Business and Innovation and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Deciding to come to Lancaster was part of my self-orchestrated career development programme that saw me embark on a career break after having worked as a database programmer and IT project developer for approximately six years following the completion of my Bachelors degree in Network and Communication Systems. Exposure to organisational change projects, and witnessing how the innovative utilisation of information technology could deliver added value to business process outputs, really stirred an interest and passion in me for gaining a greater understanding of business so I could make a professional leap forward to where I could play a more vital role in the strategic and commercial decision-making processes within an organisation.

Lancaster’s highly reputable triple-accredited business and management school, situated in the scenic and beautifully county of Lancashire, was to be the perfect launch-pad for my career boost and accreditation gain for a professional transition into a more business-focused employment role. The EBIN programme was the ideal fit, allowing me to build on my knowledge of ICT and to further explore areas of business strategy, business models, marketing, change management and, of course, innovation.

Earning my Masters degree also opened my mind to new ways of thinking, leading me to be more critical and view scenarios more holistically than I would have done previously. Additionally being able to work with other students from around the globe really enabled me to appreciate other cultures and values whilst also sharing my own.

A standout module would have been the IT systems management module that was delivered by IBM – to have access to seasoned professionals and learn from people in a world-class organisation was inspirational.

After leaving Lancaster University I worked as an IT Project Manager on a fixed-term contract for CoSocius Ltd, an IT services provider specialising in service delivery towards the public sector. At the start of 2015 I was appointed to a permanent position as a Senior Business Technology Analyst in Cheshire West and Chester Council’s IT Strategy team, where I will focus on ensuring that fit-for-purpose IT solutions are delivered to the business areas across the local authority.