Jasleen Sindhu

Country of origin: India

Associate Director (Quant), Corporate Executive Board

There are a couple of reasons why I chose LUMS over other universities for my PhD degree.  The PhD Economics programme has consistently been receiving one of the top ratings for research in the world.  These ratings are primarily driven by the high-quality supervision that is provided by this world-class Faculty. Supervisors in LUMS guide and closely work with their PhD students, providing constant intellectual and emotional support that is usually required to reach final goals!  There is also an opportunity to interact with a diverse range of students from all over the world that help a person discover different points of view and new ways of thinking.  LUMS also offers a variety of PhD funding options (e.g., management school studentships, department-financed studentships) that make it easier to plan and finance a full-time a PhD degree programme.

Doing a PhD is one of the toughest tests a person can face during their academic life.  In my case, what really kept me going was the constant emotional support and practical advice provided by my supervisor – Professor Balasubramanyam.  Not only did he provide me with guidance that helped me in shaping my research, but he also was always patient, supportive, and available whenever I needed advice. The Professor constantly tested my ideas and knowledge, showed me the best way to articulate and present my ideas on paper, and provided honest feedback whenever I needed it the most. I could not simultaneously have completed my PhD on time and published a paper, without the guidance that I received from my supervisor.

In terms of my engagement with the University, I was a member of the India Student Committee for postgraduate students.  We used to collectively work as a group to make it easier for new students from India to settle at LUMS.  We planned a couple of social events throughout the year that provided an opportunity for students from different countries to interact, network, and make new friends.

I will always remember my experience at Lancaster as something very special and unique.  This was the first time I was living alone in a foreign country without my family, and it made me realise what growing up really means!  I spent nearly five years at Lancaster (including my Master’s degree), learnt how to live alone, made new friends from different parts of the world, and took away experiences that helped me become successful and shaped me into who I am today.

I am currently working as an Associate Director (Quant) in a research and advisory firm in New Delhi.  My daily job requires me to provide thought leadership, think of innovative research ideas, test hypotheses using simple and complex quantitative solutions, work with stakeholders from different parts of the world, and present my ideas (written and oral) for impact.  All of this would not have been possible without the knowledge and skills I learnt during my time at Lancaster.